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We come to you with sharing our love and passion for Laser Technology, the impact of long-lasting quality, stability, precision and high-tech development as well as fast and professional customer service.

ARCTOS electrified the minds of Laserists, the company initialized several patents for diode combining patterns and established a worldwide dealer network for Arctos technology in all continents.

We are Your internationally established partner for individual show laser solutions:

- Manufacturer of show laser systems & OEM modules in all power levels.

- Specialist for Laserspecial effects and 3D Technology.

- Holder of several patents in laser technology with complete plug & play solutions for multimedia laser shows indoor and outdoor.

Obliged to Quality, Design and best Performance.


ARCTOS Showlasers worldwide in Action via Lightwave



We have given our strong impact and contribution with ARCTOS diode laser installations and lasershows worldwide, in more than 50 different countries and locations all around the Globe.
ARCTOS has become a brandname for VIP-Lasers and highend Show-Events.